This past weekend we had a gathering of all Swedish Vineyard leaders here in Stockholm. We spent a significant amount of time talking about our past, and tried to discern how that would affect our future.
For such a small movement, the Vineyards in Sweden as well as other Nordic nations have weathered som intense storms in their relatively short existence. Someone from another movement once remarked that it is a miracle we are still around.
As we pondered the question of our posture and expectations regarding the future, we became aware of the fact that for some reason the Father still wants us around as part of Christ’s Body in this place. Fully aware that we are not better than any other part of His family, we were encouraged in our ”right to exist”, not based on past merits, but on the specific DNA that has caused us to be a special spice in the stew called God’s Church.
During our last session together the Lord very graciously met us, and we enjoyed the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit as we poured out our hearts before Him.
During that time The Lord gave me a picture of an ”eye of the storm”, the perfect place right in the center of the storm with absolute peace and quiet. I heard Him say that there are huge spiritual typhoons coming this way, but that He would position us in the eye for this season, based on two requirements:
– We would keep our hearts humble, never thinking more highly of ourselves than any other part of His Body,
– And that we would remain faithful to the specific calling He has placed on us as a movement.
May God help us as we prepare our hearts for that which is to come, knowing that He will keep his part of the bargain, if we keep ours.