Worship services in Sollentuna

Stockholm Vineyard gathers for worship services most Sundays at 11:00 AM on Aniaravägen 8 in Sollentuna. (Please check calendar in case of changes.) It is an opportunity to meet and experience God together and be inspired in ones faith.

Come as you are!

Everyone is welcome at church regardless of background or past experience of the church. Our worship service is relaxed with a focus on meeting God through worship and prayer. Most of the time, the service contains some form of teaching where the speaker speaks from a text in the bible or a theme that relates to life and the Christian faith. At the end of each worship service, there is the opportunity – for those who want- to receive prayer for healing (for example if you are sick or have pain or the like) or for something in your life that you want God to help you with in a special way.

Contact us if you want to know more about our children’s church and what is offered for our youngest worshipers!


Celebrate Recovery is a program for anyone who is struggling with wounds, abuses and addictions. It combines the 12-step program with the Bible – not least the beatitudes in Jesus’ sermon on the mount. More than 4 million people have already gone through the program around the world.

What is said below about a typical evening regards our physical gatherings, we also offer online meetings in Zoom.

Celebrate Recovery meetings in Stockholm Vineyard

Meeting first thursday in month 7.00 pm. Drop in from 6.30 pm at Aniaravägen 8, Sollentuna.

See also in calender.

Celebrate Recovery online meetings

Monday each week at 7.30 pm
For Zoom-link: please contact

A typical evening with Celebrate Recovery

The participants meet weekly for an open meeting with teaching/ testimony, followed by small groups for special needs and their own arrangement for newcomers.

6:30pm: The evening begins with fika for those who want it. This is a great opportunity to meet people and make contacts.

7pm: The next part of the evening is the big gathering. It starts with a welcome word and song. Then there is a testimony or teaching about one of the 12 steps. The big gathering ends with the serenity prayer and a song.

8pm: Now you go to open sharing groups. Men and women are in different groups. It is a safe place where you share experiences, strength and hope with each other. The group is lead by someone with experience of such groups. There are formulated guidelines for the small group work.

No attempt is made to advise or “fix” others in these groups. You are only there to share, listen and learn from each other.

9pm: Everyone is now welcome to have a glass of juice and mingle. There is the opportunity to get to know each other further.

Step groups go through 25 lessons. Gatherings for step studies last 2 hours. There are 4 work books used together with the Bible. The guidelines for small groups are also used here. The step studies are supplemented with support team and “sponsor” (an AA term that simply corresponds to a mentor). Anyone leading step study groups goes for a training program themselves first.


Small groups

Stockholm Vineyard’s small groups are an opportunity to meet in a smaller context in the middle of the week to socialize, equip each other to follow Jesus and be encouraged in your faith. Most often the groups meet in someone’s home – what happens during the evening depends a little on what group it is, but usually they eat or fika together, take time for prayer and talk about life’s issues and the Christian faith in a way that is life long and relevant.

Everyone is welcome to join a small group – please contact us for more information about the groups before making your first visit. You are welcome to try out more than one if you wish.



Stockholm Vineyard Worship Community is a network and social context where we gather all kinds of musical and artistic expression found in the congregation. The purpose of the group is that we keep together, support and help each other, equip and grow, whether we are dormant or active in our creation. Some may play in clubs, some in an orchestra pit, lead in the worship team, write music, tour the world, sing in churches, dance, act in plays, write poems, paint paintings and hang out at exhibitions, manage sounds, light, projection – or just want to start small with some of this.

Everyone with a heart to be used by God through their aesthetic giftings is welcome! We arrange gatherings where we worship together, receive teaching, share life and pray, show our products, create events and plan happenings.

If you are a person with a longing for this, you are most welcome to join the Stockholm Vineyard Worship Community!

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