Vineyard Norden collecting money for the victims of the disasters in the Philippines

October 15th this year, a serious earthquake – 7.2 on the Richter scale – hit the Bohol region on the Philippines. 250 people died, and 70.000 buildings were damaged, among them homes and church buildings for the vineyard churches in the region.

Three weeks later, disaster hit again – this time the tyhpoon. The worst hit areas this time was at Tacloban, but the typhoon also added new damage to the regions already damaged by the earthquake. Some thousands have died, and the country is in a mess.

Vineyard Norden has been in contact with the Vineyard churches to see if we can stand united with our brothers and sister in this tough time.

Sunday, November 17, we will take a special offering that will be divided equally between the two disaster areas. People can bring cash or use our bank accounts with the designation ”Philippines”. Lets make Jesus shine in the midst of suffering and brokeness!